Turf Care Designed to Fit Your Yards Needs

Turf Care


Best Lafayette Lawn Care offers customizable fertilazation options to best fit your lawns needs. Our standard fertilazation program is a 6 application process applied thruoghout the year. Our proprietary fertilizer mix is designed to best fit the needs of Lafayette, IN lawns. Unlike our competitors we offer a low nitrogen mix that will not burn out your yard. Our experience and expetise along with our customizable options guarantee that your lawn will recieve the help it needs to always look its best.

Grub Control

Lafayette, IN homes are subject to extensive and devestating damage from varoius types of Beetles. Grubs are the larvae of these pests. In their adult form they lay their eggs in the lawn from early to late summer depending on the type of species. When the eggs hatch they feed on the roots of grass and plants and will destroy them causing brown spots that often get mistaken as drought damage or a hot dry summer. Left untreated, the damage will continue and grass will not recover in these areas. To combat this problem Best Lafayette Lawn Care offers a grub control application that can be applied before grubs hatch in the lawn and cause damage.


Over time your lawns soil compacts impeding the movement of air, water and nutrients to the grass roots. This can lead to a buildup of thatch, drainage problems, shallow weak root systems and a home for insects. Our aeration and seeding service will loosen compacted soil increasing the availability of water, nutrients and oxygen levels, stimulating root growth and enhancing the activity of thatch-decomposing organisms.