Irrigation Systems Designed to Fit Your Needs

Sprinkler Irrigation


Once you have a nicely landscaped yard irrigation can becaome a very important part of your overall landscape project. Ensuring that your plants, trees and turf are watered appropriately at all times is essential to the overall health of your yard in Lafayette IN. Custom designed systems are the best option for irrigation installation becasue we are able to take the size of the lot as well as the landscape features you have into consideration. With a well designed irrigation system in place you will have better coverage in terms of watering your garden and yard compared to simply using above groung sprinklers and hoses.

Winterizing in Lafayette, IN

Every year, before the onset of winter, homeowners across the Lafayette, IN and surrounding areas start draining the water out of their irrigation systems. The "blow-out" is necessary in areas where the frost levels extend well below the depth of any intalled piping. However just draining the does not help: there could be water that remains in the systems-this can freeze and expand and eventually the piping will crack. If water freezes in the back flow assembly it can damage the systems internal components and there is a possibility that the brass body will crack too. The best way to minimize risk of this damage is to opt for our irrigation winterization services in Lafayette IN.

Maintenance in Lafayette, IN

Having a good irrigation system is a peace of mind for you as you do not have to worry about the frequency and schedule for watering plants and lawns. Maintaining these systems is equally as important. We provide high quality maintenance servics for our customers and look forward to helping you get the most out of your irrigation system in Lafayette, IN.


Our expert technicians come to your location, diagnose the existing problem and it will be fixed to 100% satisfaction.