You'll Never be Shut Down with Our Snow Removal Options

Snow Removal

Expert Snow Removal Service

Best Lafayette Lawn Care offers professional snow plowing and removal services to both residential and commercial customers in Lafayette, IN and surrounding areas. During the winter, it’s important for many companies to have clear roads, sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, and loading docks. Order our full season package and you will be automatically scheduled.

We provide Commercial Snow Removal to the following:

Apartment complexes Property managers Industrial complexes HOAs Shopping malls Strip malls School districts Community centers Senior citizens centers Athletic clubs Hospitals & doctors' offices Office complexes

24 Hours a Day for Reliable Snow Removal

Best Lafayette Lawn Care has professional & reliable snow removal capabilities. We continuously track the weather to guarantee that we will be prepared and ready to work with you before, during, or after any snow events in the Lafayette area.

Licensed, Professional Equipment and Supplies

We have professional equipment including snow pushers and plow trucks that we use to keep driveways, packing lots, access roads, and other areas clear of snow and ice. We also use treated rock salt to melt ice and snow on walking and driving surfaces.